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Family-Owned Business

Our family has lived in the greater Palouse area for over twenty years. As a small, family-owned farm, we've been selling to local businesses and families as long as we've lived here. We value personal connections, happy animals, and top quality products. 

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PORK: From Our Farm to Your Table


The process from farm to freezer explained:

               We purchase piglets from local, reputable pig farmers: a young man who was a senior in our local high school and was part of the Future Farmers of America, from a hog farm in Idaho that raises purebred Berkshires, and from a farmer in Washington State that bread Berkshire and Mangalitsa to achieve an excellent heritage cross. We provide the pigs with fresh pasture, shelter, protection from predators, care, food and water for as long as it takes for them to grow to harvest size. These are healthy, happy pigs with room to run around and be PIGS!

               We feed our pigs a 100% vegetarian diet. They eat all that the pasture has to offer them, all sorts of produce and plants from our gardens and fruit trees such as broccoli, pears, apples, and more. We purchase a high quality mix of local non-GMO grains from a local farmer. This mix includes: peas, lentils, triticale, barley and flaxseed meal (source of Omega -3). NO SOY and NO CORN (we occasionally feed our chickens corn but never our pigs). We purchase high quality hay from local farmers when the pasture’s greens have been frozen and covered by snow. When the temperatures are below freezing, we hand carry gallons and gallons of fresh water for the pigs as each pig drinks about 10 gallons a day. We keep the water thawed and clean. The pigs are fed twice a day and free-feed all day long. We provide them with dozens of bales of clean, soft, barley straw to keep
them comfortable in their shelter. Our pigs have been free of parasites and have had an excellent muscle-to-fat ratio. The result for you is the best-tasting, healthy pork raised locally without antibiotics, steroids, supplements nor hormones. 
             We are transparent in our farming practices. Please ask questions. Thank you for your business and for supporting local farmers. Our customers say this is the highest quality and best pork they have ever tasted. It cannot be compared to the industrial pork at the grocery store. Meat prices have fluctuated and increased significantly in the past year, reserving directly from our farm now helps our customers avoid the risk of increased commercial prices. Over the past 5 years the USDA has relaxed quality standards and inspections. We are happy to be able to offer our customers high quality pork from healthy, pasture-raised pigs that you, as the customer, can be confident in what they have been fed and the conditions under which they have been raised.

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We feed our animals a vegetarian diet utilizing a mix of locally sourced, non-gmo grains (peas, lentils, triticale, barley and flaxseed meal (source of Omega -3)), along with naturally present vegetation and homegrown vegetables and fruits. 

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